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Old 06-17-2008
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Default Many Thanks..Jeff Green Benefit Tournament

Jeff Greenís Benefit Tournament

Jeff and I would like to thank each and every person that contributed to the benefit tournament, whether through participation, contribution or donation. We are both extremely grateful for your efforts, and humbled by the tremendous show of love, compassion and concern. Your donations will go towards our medical bills and we will always remember the day fondly and with much gratitude.

We would especially like to thank Scooter for organizing the event in such a short amount of time, and for running the event, even though I'm sure he would have much rather played. Scooter has been such a good friend to our entire family over many years, he is like family himself. Thanks to Debbie Turman and Natalie Lowe for their help with flyers and getting the word out. We would also like to thank all those that contributed items and services for the raffles, and thank you to all those that played in the tournament and still others that have showed their support with personal donations, and thanks so much to Volcano's for allowing the event to be held there. We are sincerely grateful to you all.

Congratualtions to Nat and Bill Lowe for their first place win, and a special thanks to Natalie for giving us her First Place Trophy! Itís going on the trophy shelf Nat!

Jeff is currently in remission after going through 7 weeks of radiation and chemo and 4 surgeries. His chances of recovering completely are very good. Thanks so much to all the friends that took the time to phone him with their welll wishes, and for all the cards and emails. He really felt and appreciated your concern. Thank you so much, to the special group of friends, near and dear to our hearts, that have shown their ongoing support and love and never let us forget the meaning of friendship and the strength in it. We feel truly blessed.

We have never thanked my Dad publicy and I would like to thank him now, in this forum for making himself available to Jeff and I during all hours of the day and night, for so many months. Jeff lost both his parents and brother to cancer, and my Dad has not only helped out as a caretaker, he has been like a second father to Jeff, and a strong emotional and spiritual leader to us both, during this most difficult time of our lives. I would also like to publicy thank Jeff's daughter Missy, who drove many times from Arkansas to help out with her dad and hold my hand through the most difficult and frightening parts of this journey. And of course, many thanks to my children, Tabitha and Shane. Even though Tabitha lives in Chicago, and has an impossible schedule, she still managed to show her support and love in so many amazing and constant ways. Thanks to Shane, our 15 year old son, who was forced to deal with something a boy never should at his age, the illness of his dad, his hero. Shane really matured and stepped up during Jeff's illness and he is forever changed. I am so proud of our son, he is such a great person and has truly been a rock to us both.

Our heartfelt thanks to our amazing team of doctors and nurses! These people worked tirelessly and would never for one minute let Jeff give up his fight, or let our family give up hope. Their positive attitude, skill and emotional support is beyond words. And a big shout out to the man upstairs! We felt his presence and guiding hand each and every day and are grateful for his love and mercy. This experience has changed us in so many ways, and he will forever be a daily part of our lives.

Jeff looks forward to a full recovery and a time when he can come out to visit and thank you all personally.

With much love and thanks,

Gay & Jeff Green
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Old 06-17-2008
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Talking Welcome!

Love you Jeff and Gay! It was my pleasure to help and wish I could do more on a daily basis. I am so glad it was a great turn out and am looking forward to the day Jeff is out and about myself! That will surely be a great day xoxo D.T.
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Old 06-18-2008
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Wink Darts, Friends, FWDA, & Years...

The bonds formed within the FWDA seem to last forever! Many of our newer players have no idea who Jeff Green is or what an awesome shot he was, but his name still lingers throughout on old plaques still hanging, Tanstaafl is a proud pub of the the Brothers Grimm Team back in day, really back in the day, as in 78 or 79 when Jeff Green Captained this City Cup Champion Team! Hopefully, someday soon, Jeff will be back around, at least to stop in to reminisce and say Hi! His dart days may be in the past, but the friendships remain, and the FWDA will always remember that big tall guy who resembled "Mr Clean" and that he & his wife "Gay" were alot of fun, great competitors, and long time FWDA members! Good Luck Jeff!! We love you and pray that your recovery remains on the up & up! It was an honor to play & participate in gathering the gang, but more than anything it was special for Bill & I to draw each other and win 1st place! Bill & I were really happy to share in the day! Coy & Dino won 2nd, and Scott & Verneal won 3rd! Scooter did a great job gathering raffle prizes, & Deb spruced up the flyer! It was a great day with laughter & fun mixed with a few tears of emotion as Gay recorded our sentiments! All & All, the day was positive & filled with laughter & joy as we focused on your remission as this is an incredible blessing and answer to many prayers! As Karyl would say "Keep on making lemonade with all those lemons!" Love you guys, Nat & Bill

PS The FWDA donated the trophies for the occasion![/B]
FWDA Past President
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Old 06-21-2008
Christy Shelton Christy Shelton is offline
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I was a member of the FWDA for a few year until I moved back to NY. You are a great bunch of people. I have not, nor will I ever, forget yall. Darts in NY suck.
Two of the best people in the association are Jeff and Gay Green. They are going through a really hard time. The benefit yall through for them was awesome. They really did appreciate it. It was more than just the money raised though. It showed that people do care and are willing to do something about it-not all talk. When you are going through what they are, knowing this means a lot. Unless you have been there, you have no clue. I hope that you never find out either! I am a two time cancer survivor (and proud of that fact) so believe me when I tell you how much that benefit meant to them.

Scooter, you did a great job. YOU ROCK!!!!

I wish I could be closer to help them out; but I am less worried now that I know the association is behind them, like they were me. You will never know how much that means. You are truly a special group of people. GOD BLESS each and everyone of you.

Jeff and Gay are very proud people. It is very hard for them to accept help from anyone. I was the same way. BUT cancer tends to humble a person in a lot of ways. You don't ask to get it, God just picks you, and you have to play the cards you are dealt. This could happen to anyone of us! No one is immune to it. But having friends, like yall, makes the experience a lot easier to deal with.

Gay, if you read this, I want to thank you for being my friend through the years. And for standing up for me in the ladies room the first time we met at the Sundown-when those women were talking about me behind my back ( just because I was beating them in darts.) I will never forget you telling them that I did not do drugs, that I was a cancer patient! Shut them up quick. I have not forgotten that. I love you G/F. I am there for you forever and always. You are doing a great job!!!!! I wanted everyone to know that.

Thank you to all who helped in the benefit.

Christy Shelton

PS I look forward to the day I move back to Texas and start playing darts with yall again. I truly miss those days.
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