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Old 06-05-2017
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Default **Summer 2017 League Format Change**

We had a proposed change to our Summer League play at the Summer CPB Meeting last week - This proposed change was ultimately voted on, and it passed with a majority vote. Gary Adams proposed that we change the format of the 2nd 501 game on the score sheets in all open league play (Silver/Gold Leagues), to be a straight-in 3 person 701 game instead. This idea came from wanting to provide an extra slot for players to get games in. Instead of the 2 person 501, it would be a 3 person 701. We are going to try this as a Summer League experiment ONLY, and will re-assess this again in the Fall to see how everyone likes it. Here’s what you need to do: On the 2nd team game of 501, you will fill the bottom player slot in with 2 names and use a backslash in between them. For example… The top player slot would read simply “Vanessa” and the bottom player slot would read “Ashley / Kimberly”. This creates 3 slots for players to be filled in to play this game. You will also cross out the term “501” and write “701”. Players do not have to double-in for this game, but will have to double-out. You will keep track of all players’ Quality Points, and will write the low-dart in as well. DS’s will keep track of the QP’s on the score sheets like normal, and will keep their own record of the low-dart 701 games. Remember – This ONLY applies to Silver and Gold Leagues. This does not apply to Cricket or Mixed.

Please let me know if you have any questions
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