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Old 09-12-2018
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Default Fall 2018 Schedules - PDFs

Attached are the revised schedules for the Fall 2018 Season. Iíve highlighted changes and included some of the data (the grid) on a few sheets. The majority of the adjustments were to have all the teams play each other the same amount of times (equitable play), extending cricket and holding Wed open to 10 weeks. If we have Wednesday open play each other three times we are well into January, before playoffs even start. Playing each other twice should be sufficient. There were a few tweaks to prevent too many matches at a club on a particular night. I wasnít able to fix the last Wed night at Shuckers without really hosing all the divisions. AI had the most swaps of weeks. The only immediate change is in Mixed II for this Thursday. That swap prevented having two matches at the Notion. There are a few teams with some long away strings, I tried, but I couldnít fix it all without going back in time or messing up the home/away ratios. B didnít change, and I wasnít going to redo it to change the 8s to BYEs.

Cricket playoffs might be a challenge. I also have Cricket playing the Monday before Thanksgiving. Taking that week off puts the end of the season very close to Christmas. Cricket could just cut it off at week 10 with everyone playing each other twice. I'm betting that they will go with the long schedule.

DSís Please make sure all your captains are aware of the changes. Iíll post here and on the FWDA webpage. BTW I really hate schedulesÖ
Attached Files
File Type: pdf Cricket_Fall-2018.pdf (523.1 KB, 126 views)
File Type: pdf B_Fall-2018.pdf (172.2 KB, 1284 views)
File Type: pdf Masters_Fall-2018.pdf (425.5 KB, 74 views)
File Type: pdf A1_Fall-2018.pdf (422.2 KB, 82 views)
File Type: pdf A2_Fall-2018.pdf (423.7 KB, 80 views)
File Type: pdf Mixed-1_Fall-2018.pdf (432.3 KB, 83 views)
File Type: pdf Mixed-2_Fall-2018.pdf (432.2 KB, 78 views)
File Type: pdf All_Schedules_FALL-2018.pdf (3.71 MB, 152 views)
File Type: pdf Wednesday_All_Fall-2018.pdf (547.3 KB, 57 views)
File Type: pdf Mixed_All_Fall-2018.pdf (527.8 KB, 60 views)

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