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cyndi 05-07-2019 10:53 AM

Gold 2 Summer 2019
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Great First Week! Sorry it took me a while to get posted, I'm a little rusty...and some of my macros still aren't quite right, but we will get there!

~Great to see some ladies playing this season!

~Shout out to Dean Adia for hitting our first Ton-80 of the season!

Have a great week!

cyndi 05-10-2019 02:32 PM

Gold 2 Week 2!
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Here you go! Don't forget to mark your 501 and 301 games! You may have noticed that the singles games aren't marked yet. I will start marking them when a couple of you pull ahead of the pack. Right now, there are 7 of you that are at 100%! And apparently, being named Chris helps haha! Every single Chris that we have playing in the league has won out for the last two weeks!

Currently tied for top player:

Chris Crawley
James Mello
Lionel Flory
Chris Weaver
Dean Adia
Marvin Hazen
Chris Bolling

Make someone's Mother's Day special!

cyndi 05-22-2019 02:14 PM

Gold 2 Week 3!
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Sliding this in right before the matches tonight so y'all will know where you stand!

~ X Men are out in front by 6 games over Victory Shots....they play each other tonight, so it should be interesting!

~ Bill Turney was on fire last night apparantly! 354 QP's AND a 14 dart out 301 game!

~ This helped to send him soaring into the QP lead with 920 in 3 games...will he hit 1000 tonight??

~ There are still 5 players who are at 100% in their singles matches:

Lionel Flory
Charles Ramirez
Chris Bolling
Chris Weaver
Marvin Hazen

Check them over and send me corrections!

cyndi 05-23-2019 11:04 AM

Gold 2 Week 4!
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Me Again!

Week 4 is out the door! Cheers to these guys for doing something neat!

~ BILL TURNEY! Y'all have some serious catching up to do! He added another 459 last night, giving him a total of 1379!

~ X Men had the most number of team QPs (752), AND team QMs (19). BTW, all of their QMs were hit by Manny Ramirez!

~ Only 4 players are left with a 100% average, but Marvin Hazen is the only one who has played in all four weeks! The others are Chris Weaver, Charles Ramirez, and Chris Bolling!

~ Whitney Holder gets the award for cutest player of the night!

cyndi 05-30-2019 12:04 PM

Gold 2 Week 5!
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How about that weather yesterday?!

Here are a few other things that happened last night:

~ Victory Shots moved into the lead by 1 game faster than lightning!

~ Ariel Chavez was raining QPs and was our leader with 305!

~ Dean Adia and Marvin Hazen came storming thru last night...they were the only 2 players to win every game they played in, AND the only 2 players to hit QMs of the night!

~ Let's all welcome Nick Tyree with thunderous applause!

Y'all need to start writing down some doubles games!

Have a great week!

cyndi 06-10-2019 01:24 PM

Gold 2 Week 6!
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Happy Week 6!

These people deserve a little recognition:

~ X Men are back on top by 2 games! I wonder what will happen this week??

~ X Men (not surprisingly) are leading the league in Total Team QP's (4279) and Total Team QM's (53)!

~ Whitney Holder and Jacque Goodgame are both on the leaderboard now for QP's AND QM's for the women, joining Jodi Flori.

~ Bill Turney is still holding on to his QP lead, but he shouldn't get too comfortable! Dillon Mahone and Marvin Hazen are only 400 points behind him!

~ Marvin Hazen still holds the top spot with a perfect score of 6-0 so far!

Sorry for the delay in posting...SOMEONE is already in summer mode!

cyndi 06-28-2019 12:56 PM

Gold 2 Finals! Weeks 7-9
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Here it is! We finally got to a spot that had wifi! See final shout outs below! These players deserve some credit!

~Congratulations to X-Men for earning the title A2 Summer League Champs! They won 64% of their singles games as a team, and had the highest team QP's with 5591!

~The team with the highest QM's? Devils Rejects! They had a whopping 393!

~Chris Bolling won top player, winning 6 games and losing 0!

~Marvin Hazen and Lionel Flory also deserve a mention...they both won 7 games and only lost 1!

~Low dart 301 (mens) goes to Chris Crawley! 12 darts! Maybe next season he will win the bounty!

~Low dart 301 (womens) goes to Jodi Flory with 20 darts! Jodi also got the low dart 501 game for the women with 31 darts.

~Low dart 501 (mens) was scored by Dean Adia with 20 darts! Dean was also the ONLY player to hit a ton-80 this season!

~Whitney Holder had the highest QM's for the women with 12 darts! Good job baby!

~James Mellow had the highest QM's for the men with 236!

~Jodi Flori had the highest QP's for the season for the women with 465!

~And finally, Bill Turney pulled it out and was the player with the most QP's for the season! 1761! Great finish for your last season as President!

Y'all enjoy the rest of your summer!

cyndi 06-28-2019 01:55 PM

Edit -- A2 Summer Finals
Sorry James, Manny is the QM leader with 39! Good Job Manny!

cyndi 06-28-2019 01:57 PM

updated sheet
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updated to include a couple of misplaced QM's and a score for Victory Shots.

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