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cyndi 09-06-2018 11:47 AM

A2 Fall 2018
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Great First Week Fellas!

Shout out to a few outstanding players from last night:

~Tim Cartmill led the league in QP's by more than 100 points, scoring a total of 433, and helped his team, Stray Dogs to have the highest Team QP's for the night with 1174!

~James Mellow scored the most QM's last night with 13, but he is closely followed by team mate Bill Turney with 12, and Dart Rat Eric Cire with 12 also! The top team was Devil's Rejects with 25 total quality marks!

~Last, but not least, there was only one player last night that won every game he played in and that was.......Brant Newberry!

~Our newest team Motorboaters will start their season next Wednesday, when they play Victory Shots at Notion! I'm personally looking forward to seeing them play!

Have a happy Week!

Peace, Love & Darts!

cyndi 09-13-2018 02:01 PM

A2 Week 2
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Happy 2nd Week!

I'm still waiting on a couple of add sheets, but you'll get the gist!

Here are a couple of guys that deserve some recognition!

~Jeff Bartolotia and Chris Weaver were the only players to win every game they played in, and helped to move Victory Shots into the number one position!

~Spotlight team of the week goes to Dart Rats because...

~Erik France and Eric Cire took over the low dart doubles spot with 30 darts.

~Erik France had the highest number of QPs for the night with 240, helping his team to have the highest of the night with 659!

~Eric Cire had the highest number of QMs with 13, making the Dart Rats also have the highest QMs for the night!

Have a great week!

cyndi 09-24-2018 02:32 PM

Week 3
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Great shooting!

cyndi 09-27-2018 01:22 PM

Weel 4
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Happy Week 4!

There was a little bit of movement after last nights games...Victory Shots are still in first overall, and Whitney still holds the ladies top QP's and QM's!

But there's other noteworthy news too...

~Erik France won 100% of the games he played.

~Tim Cartmill had the highest personal QP's (602) for the week!

~Eric Cire has moved into the top spot for men's in both QP's AND QM's!

Y'all have a good week and enjoy this cooler weather!

cyndi 10-05-2018 08:31 PM

A2 Week 5
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Got some exciting news for ya!

~Marvin Hazen hit our first 9 Mark of the season!

~Tom Kern hit our first Ton 80 of the season!

See everyone at Boo Bash!

cyndi 10-14-2018 07:14 PM

Week 6!
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Hey! Happy week 6 y'all!

cyndi 10-22-2018 02:31 PM

Week 7!
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Hope everyone had a fabulous time at Fun Darts this weekend! Here are a few things worth mentioning regarding last weeks matches!

~Erik, Eric, John and Phil are our new 801 leaders!

~Marvin Hazen hit our first 171 of the season!

~John Calfee from Dart Rats was our top QP individual with 421 points!

~Dean Adia from Victory Shots was our top QM individual with 13 points!

~Victory Shots led the week with 710 QP's and 13 QM's!

~Whitney held on to her lead in QP's and QM's for the ladies, even though she wasn't there last week! Wow!

Great Shooting Guys!

cyndi 10-29-2018 01:19 PM

Is it Week 8 already?!
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Had a little bit of movement on our Leaderboard this week! Here are the highlights...

~ Eric Cire and Jim Temple took over the top doubles low dart spot when they shot a 21 501 game.

~ You'll also notice Eric's name on the overall top men's QM's with 37!

~ This week Devil's Rejects had the top team QM's with 26!

~ David Trostle had the top individual QM's with 13!

~ Team Victory Shots had the most team QP's with almost 1000! (996)

~ That was with the help of teammate Marvin Hazen, who was the individual leader this week with 444 QP's.

~ The above mentioned 444 QP's moved Marvin into the overall QP leader spot with 1256!

~ Whitney holds on to her commanding lead in both women's QP's and QM's!

Y'all have a happy Halloween Week!

cyndi 11-09-2018 03:29 PM

Week 9!
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Hello Peeps!

One more week of league until playoffs! It's SO CLOSE! Here's the low down for last week...

~ Brant Newberry slid into the top spot for low dart 501 with a 20 dart game!

~ Eric Cire now has his name on the leaderboard 7 times, including top QP shooter and top QM getter!

~ Bill Turney was the leader for individual QP's this week with 240!

Way to go teams! Looking forward to watching y'all in playoffs!

cyndi 11-16-2018 01:54 PM

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We did it! The last game of the season has been played! Here are some highlights from Wednesdays games...

~ Bill Turney hit a Ton-80 like it was no big deal!
~ Tom Kern was the high QP scorer with 300 for the night!
~ Dean Adia was the high QM scorer with 13!
~ Stray Dogs led the league in team QP's (803) AND QM's (14)!

And now a few words to wrap up the season...

~ First Place goes to.....VICTORY SHOTS! Congratulations y'all!
~ Marvin Hazen will be receiving his plaque for the most QP's (1351)!
~ Eric Cire will also get one for the most QM's (49)! (That's Eric with a "C")
~ My most favorite person on the planet (Whitney) will get not one but 2 for her performance this season! Good job baby!
~ Stray Dogs ended up with the most team QP's (4990) almost 5000!
~ Victory Shots rounded out the season with a cool 100 QM's!
~ Tom Kern and Dean Adia tied for the top % in wins/losses! 4-0! 100%!
~ Honorable mentions go out to Marvin Hazen, Erik France, and Eric Cire, who's percentages aren't as high, but all ended the season with a 6-1 record!

You will be seeing Victory Shots, Dart Rats, and Stray Dogs in the playoffs! Check your schedules for times and locations!

Thanks for letting me DS! I kinda missed it.

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