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  1. eldarts
    Real quick..FWDA "Site" proposal...

    I've been working on a "rough" design to compliment this forum. a site with various pages to highlight the league going ons...

    Basically..I have the home page created, and the links for the standings page(s) and forum are working, and I've linked Volcano's web page, but that's the extent of what I've accomplished..

    I thought - when you click on the standings button - that the pop up window also have links to the stats pages...I looked at the spreadsheets and thought that converting them to a pdf would be ideal considering some folk may not have excel access..but I need to look at the page layouts to ensure the pages convert properly..

    these are just ideas of course...
  2. eldarts

    When you are available, I'd like to talk to you about helping you out with the site..Didn't have an opportunity to speak with you Saturday night.


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