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  1. Bethel Strode 3rd
    Bethel Strode 3rd
    Hello Natalie well I finally moved to the old Fort, oppsss I recently moved to Fort Lauderdale Florida. Things in Texas where not what I had planned and after my northern wife hung out with the Texas girls well it got nasty and is in divorce court (sorry I believe in taking care of my autistic son and my daughter but my ex was caught filing false complaints against me and I believe this move will fix the problem), I really wanted to move back to Fort Worth but I needed the New York State family court orders against my ex to count and the Texas family courts do not follow other court orders, I will miss you and the gang and my professional dart career does not include region 3 so unless you go to a dart tournament outside of the region your probably never going to meet me. i will stay on the website with your permission and if not I understand. Kindest Regards.
  2. Bethel Strode 3rd
    Bethel Strode 3rd
    Thank Natalie,

    I am glad to hear from you! I will book the time off of work that weekend (it gives my girlfriend & I several more weeks to plan for a weekend as we were thinking of going to Corpus Christie. We went to Austin and that city was great but due to poor planning I only played in one event all weekend (bummer). I will contact my Canadian relatives as the old ADO Shirt, Trophy from the Nationals, Trophy from England & Winmau World Masters Program Guide are the only memorabilia I picked up from that year and it is still my uncle's place in Canada. The Burleson Post (news paper) did run an two page article on it but I can not find my copy.

    I am also on Facebook (I have not put up the avatar pictures yet) as Donnie Strode - My avatar on the FWDA site is Curtis my son.

    Good hearing from you!
  3. Natalie Lowe
    Natalie Lowe
    Well maybe you will finally receive a response. For some reason every time I respond or send you correspondence, it has come back rejected. That was when you played it's been awhile, I had given up hope. I would like to personally invite you to the FWDA 35th Anniversary Tourney Oct 21 & 22, 2011. It would be awesome if you could make it.

    I have a special request...I am looking and hoping for old pics and memorabilia. Anything, including written articles taking us back through time to the "Good Ole Days", LOL! Call me Please. 817-846-1243
  4. Bethel Strode 3rd
    Bethel Strode 3rd
    Good Luck Natalie on the Presidential race! If I was there I would vote for you!
  5. Bethel Strode 3rd
    Bethel Strode 3rd
    Hello Natalie,

    Wow there are tons of dart tournaments here in Texas (I am stuck down in Houston and don't ask me how I ended up there instead of in Fort Worth).
    Are any of the FWDA dart shooters coming to the Blue Bonnet @ the end of the month? You guys should come down here it will be a blast!!!

    I shot in my first electronic dart tournament singles event over the weekend in the Texas Bull Shooter Regional (man those darts are hard to throw as they are so light).
    They told me my ranking over the 2008-2009 did not qualify me as a Pro dart player so I won the event and they made me a pro after the tournament, gave a qualifier pro card for the $133,000.00 Bull Shooter Finals in May!!!
    Well I was hoping to be in Fort Worth at the beginning of 2011 but unfortunately my wife has taken my kids and filed for divorce.
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and that you continue to have a Happy New Year!!!!

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